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We've been traveling around the country visiting schools and at each one the students have created their own Familiar Story.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Familiars-Themed Birthday Party

Before the book has even come out, we have a young Familiars fan who wants to have a Familiars-themed 10th birthday party. So, here are some ideas I'd like to suggest, per the birthday boy's mom's request:

A familiars scavenger hunt -- Send the kids on a hunt for magic and animal related items like cell phone pics of an exotic bird, holding a wand or wearing a wizard's hat, and a paperback copy of The Hobbit.

If you don't want to pay for an exotic animal trainer or magician to come to you, how about a trip to the local zoo or neighborhood magic store?

See if a local animal shelter needs 6 youngsters to volunteer for an afternoon, helping bathe or walk the rescue dogs.

A familiars movie marathon -- Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Golden Compass. Watch any or all!

Pick up a Mr. Wizard's potion kit and see what kind of magic the kids can conjure.

Make your own familiars -- if the kids are feeling crafty, have them draw or paint their familiars. Pick an animal and give them a special talent and a story. If you send pics to the blog, we'll post them!

Have an epic Dungeons and Dragons game!

I'd love for you to pitch in any ideas you have for a familiars-themed bday party. Which one sounds like the most fun?

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