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We've been traveling around the country visiting schools and at each one the students have created their own Familiar Story.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Book Expo of America - (Adam)

For all of you that are going to BEA 2010, I am incredibly jealous. For one, I love books. Just the idea of being around all of those dust jackets and librarians makes my heart go a flutter. Two, I love sneak peeks. It really doesn't matter what I get to look at early but the fact that only a rarefied group of people have laid eyes on the object in question makes said item 10 times more interesting. (I have been known to keep the Entertainment Weekly Summer Preview issue for many years after the films within it have hit basic cable. I just walked by the 1998 Summer Preview sitting on a shelf in my garage.)

So, going to the BEA and getting sneak peeks at the novels that will be lining the shelves of my neighborhood bookstore would be a thrill any year. This year, however, it's different.

Harpercollins Children will be giving out free copies of "The Familiars" :)

In my head, it's all very exciting to witness. The civility of the convention completely breaks down when a young editorial assistant calls out from Booth 3341, "Get your Familiars ARCs here!" What follows is pandemonium akin to the stands of an English Soccer Stadium after a goal. Third grade teachers elbow bloggers in the chest to get their hands on the 368 pages of animals and magic. Maybe, even a eager mom gets trampled in the scrum. (By no means do I condone violence, far from it. But the spirit and the passion of the audience is what I'm trying to capture here.)

In reality, I'm sure the ARC distribution will be a much more peaceful affair. But I will be curious to get the real scoop on how it goes. So if you're there, blog, send me pictures, tweet, and get your copies of the book.

Just be careful... it could get dangerous.