Create Your Own Familiar

We've been traveling around the country visiting schools and at each one the students have created their own Familiar Story.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is your pet a Familiar... or NOT a Familiar?

A clip that shows what a Familiar is..... and what a Familiar isn't!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Familiars - Review Round-Up

Compiled here is a comprehensive list of reviews for THE FAMILIARS.

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Electrifying Reviews - Review Here

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Amazon - Assorted Reviews Here

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Blog Tour - Scavenger Hunt

As part of THE FAMILIARS Halloween Blog Tour, we are also having a special Familiars-themed Halloween Scavenger Hunt! At each stop along the blog tour, we will be asking a trivia question from our book. After you fill in your answer, the letter that falls in the place of the * can be placed in the corresponding number of the larger puzzle. So for the question numbered 1, the letter that lands in the space where the * is can be filled in where the 1 is in the larger puzzle below. The larger puzzle will form yet another clue, and anyone who answers it correctly will be entered into a drawing for an autographed book as well as a few other Halloween treats!

You can email your answers to All entries must be entered by November 15.

And be sure to come back to see where we've been on the tour! These are not in order of stops; they were each assigned numbers randomly.

1. Satisfaction For Insatiable Readers (Posted 10-13)
2. There's A Book (Posted 10-13)
3. YA Bookshelf (Posted 10-8)
4. Jenns Bookshelf (Posted 10-27)
5. Sisters in Scribe (Posted 10-14)
6. Ellz Readz (Posted 10-15)
7. Kidlit Frenzy (Posted 10-27)
8. The Serpentine Library (Posted 10-25)
9. Georgia McBride
10. Bookhounds (Posted 10-24)
11. The Cajun Book Lady (Posted 10-24)
12. Alex Reads Books (posted 10-19)
13. The Children's Book Review (Posted 10-7)
14. The Bookette (Posted 10-17)
15. Mundie Moms/Mundie Kids (Posted 10-22)
16. Fantasy Book Review (Posted 10-27)
17. Tif Talks Books (Posted 10-23)
18. Book People (Posted 10-29)
19. The Fiction Enthusiast (Posted 10-26)
20. Shut Up I'm Reading (Posted 10-28)
21. Bookalicious Pam (Posted 10-8)
22. Gidget and Froggi (Posted 10-15)
23. Reading Vacation (Posted 10-8)
24. The Lost Entwife (Posted 10-29)
25. Bri Meets Books (Posted 10-26)
25. Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf (Posted 10-29)