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We've been traveling around the country visiting schools and at each one the students have created their own Familiar Story.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Final Four - #1 Hedwig vs. #5 Pyewacket

First, yesterday's results: It was the closest match-up yet. Shadowfax and Archimedes battled back and forth, but in the end, Shadowfax prevailed with a slim 57% of the vote.

Hogwarts Regional
Round Three

#1 Hedwig


#5 Pyewacket


It's owl versus cat as Harry Potter's familiar faces off against the feline companion of "Bell, Book, and Candles" Gillian Holyrod. The winner moves on to the Familiar Madness Tournament championship. Shadowfax awaits. Your vote decides!

Tomorrow: The Championship

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