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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Work Husbands

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A writing partnership is a lot like a marriage. The two of us have been writing together for ten years. And we write every word, sentence, and paragraph together, sitting side by side or across from each other in an office. That’s a lot of time spent together. And like a marriage, there are ups and downs, good times and bad, but in the end you can work through every disagreement with compromise and every victory is sweeter with someone to share it with. So Adam will put up with Andrew’s long passive aggressive silences and unusual and sometimes awkward eating habits; and Andrew will put up with Adam’s constantly bouncing knee and distracted stares out the window. Our wives joke that we are married twicefold. But in our partnership our children are words on the page, and The Familiars is most definitely our baby. One that we don’t mind being passed around from hands to hands, or taken to the park by a stranger, or left unattended on a subway platform. No, we’ve created a baby that has Adam’s wild imagination and Andrew’s sense of humor and rich character. We only hope that we don’t pass down our male pattern baldness. Fortunately, it’s a book.

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