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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tournament of Heroes - Day Five

Yesterday's votes are in! Moving on to round 2 are... 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Scooby Doo
Han Solo

We're moving on to the Middle Earth Bracket with more first round match-ups. 

Harry Potter vs. Scully

It's boy wizard versus FBI special agent. She's skeptical of the paranormal, but Harry's got the magic to make her a believer. Who gets your vote?


Winner: Harry Potter

Iron Man vs. Duke (GI Joe)

It's real American superhero and real American hero. The man in the iron suit dukes it out with the man in army fatigues. 


Winner: Iron Man

Princess Leia vs. Tarzan
A Rebel Alliance spy takes on the boy raised by apes. Both have gone on heroic adventures, but only one dressed in a loincloth while doing it. 


Winner: Princess Leia

Hercules vs. Spock
The son of Zeus meets the son of a Vulcan in this timeless duel. Will it be Roman God or ambassador to the Romulan Empire moving on? 

Winner: Spock

John McClane vs. Doctor Who
The smirking NYPD detective tries to handcuff the eccentric time traveling alien. It's yippie kay yay to one of these mother you-know-what'ers.

Winner: John McClane

Optimus Prime vs. Sarah Connor
It's the leader of the Autobots battling the savior of the human race. She knows a thing or two about big, angry metal things trying to kill her, so look out Optimus.

Winner: Sarah Connor

Wonder Woman vs. Buck Rogers

She's a warrior princess from the Amazon. He's a futuristic space pilot. Can the buxom superheroine lasso a first round win? Your vote decides. 

Winner: Wonder Woman

James Bond vs. Blade

It's spy versus vampire hunter as 007 tries to stir up the competition. But only one can survive the Tournament of Heroes!

Winner: James Bond

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