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We've been traveling around the country visiting schools and at each one the students have created their own Familiar Story.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


In the spirit of March Madness, here on the blog this month we will be holding the first official Familiar Madness Tournament. 16 of the all-time great familiars from literature, film, and television will face off in a single elimination tourney to decide who is the greatest of them all.

6. Crookshanks - the pet cat of Hermione Granger.

Hermione buys her familiar from a shop in Diagon Alley out of sympathy, as nobody wants him due to his squashed-looking face. Crookshanks is half Kneazle, an intelligent, cat-like creature who can detect when they are around untrustworthy people, explaining his higher than normal cat intelligence and stature. (Wiki)

Perhaps less well known than his familiar counterparts at Hogwarts (like Hedwig), Crookshanks possesses perhaps the most acute talent of them all. Both reflecting and complimenting the best qualities of Hermione, this magical cat is a familiar that should not be taken lightly.

If you were a wizard or witch at Hogwarts, which familiar would you want following loyally at your side: Hedwig or Crookshanks?

Tomorrow: All's fair in love and war, even for a familiar.


  1. Well, Hedwig has the benefit of being much more mobile (flying has much benefit when you need to send a message to someone), but you can't really cuddle with an owl. :)

  2. Oh, now that's a question and a half! I think everyone has a love for Hedwig as we've seen her go through so many things with and for Harry...but Crookshanks has tried to assist at times as well...especially with ratty old Pettigrew aka Scabbers. Still, when all is said and done...(Yeah, I'm not choosing...I'd have to have both.) =0)

  3. I'd have to go with Crookshanks. Quiet, intelligent and sensitive, a cat makes a good friend as well.